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What we do

Working across industries – from technology, retail, professional services, software, gaming, and entertainment to non-profits – we bring innovative strategies for the ever-changing workplace environment. 

Workplace Strategy

  • Interactive Visioning

  • Workplace Experience Evaluation

  • Programming and Strategy

Change Managment

  • Vision and Messaging

  • Gap Analysis

  • Change Strategies

  • Change Program Road Map

Real Estate Strategy

  • Utilization Audit and Analysis

  • Workplace Metrics and Efficiencies

  • Utilization and Occupancy Targets




Workplace Strategist




User Experience, Visual Designer




Workplace Consulting Lead




Workplace Strategist

Our Team

The Best Workplace
for Everyone

We believe that everyone deserves a great day at work. Our goal is to maximize the performance of staff and spaces and align culture and workflows.

Embracing a Mobile Workforce


These projects showcase how our consulting services have helped organizations enhance their environments to increase productivity, promote employee satisfaction and well-being, and improve patient outcomes. The featured projects range from large-scale corporate headquarters to smaller medical clinics and hospitals. The showcase provides insights into the process behind each project, from initial design concepts to implementation and evaluation, highlighting the impact of their consulting services on the workplace and healthcare industry.

The Advisory Board Company

Embracing a Mobile Workforce

Moss Adams

Guiding the “Change” in Change Management

F5 Networks

Taking the Workplace to the Next Level

East Coast Healthcare System

Reimagining the Workplace for Health Professionals


Our experts and integrated approach with the design teams enhance innovation at all points of the process bringing data and new insights to life.

View Analysis

What people see has a large impact on their health, satisfaction and mental function.

Location Analysis Platform

Find a successful location that's right for your organization.

Rhythm of the Day

Craft your space around how the brain works to boost the mental performance, wellbeing and creativity of individuals and teams.

Daylight Analysis

Maximize access to daylight while minimizing glare to improve occupant health, wellness and performance.

  • Data and Information

  • Applications and Software

  • Devices and Equipment

  • Infrastructure

  • Location

  • Workplace Paradigm

  • Workplace Typologies and Mix Utilization Targets

  • Amenities

  • Culture

  • Workstyles

  • Leadership and Management

  • Straining and Development

  • Collaboration

  • Reword System

  • Activities Tasks and Behaviors

  • Sequences and Schedules

  • Workflows

  • Rules and Targets for Outputs

  • Structures to Organize the Process

  • Energy Use

  • Operations

  • Certifications

  • Resource Use


How We Think

We think holistically as we optimize the workplace. From people to the planet, these collective components lay the groundwork for design, facilities, technology, investments and retention.
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