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Reimagining the Workplace for Health Professionals

In anticipation of our next project for this important healthcare client, NBBJ conducted a workplace survey focusing on work areas beyond the clinical zones—that is, spaces outside of exam rooms or treatment rooms—to help their Cancer Center reimagine the ambulatory workplace.

Our workplace survey allowed us to get the pulse of the end-users living in the space, giving them an opportunity to share how they feel supported and what kind of spaces they need to do their work well. Before starting design, this exercise helps to break down the elements of what’s missing and what needs to be improved in the built environment. We identified specific healthcare workers who are not at their desk all day and needed a more agile, flexible workspace supported by technology and remote work.


A shift in thinking: With rampant burnout and a serious workforce crisis among healthcare workers, considering the voice of the end-user's experience in the “back-of-house" spaces is more important than ever. This is an innovative approach for the healthcare industry that so far has largely put the onus of workplace wellbeing on already overly stressed healthcare workers through programs like mindfulness or one-time appreciation events.


The ripple effect: The future ambulatory space designed using input from the survey will achieve a dual goal of wellness not only for patients but also for those who care for those patients. A well workforce is crucial for optimal patient outcomes and a well-designed space with user input achieves that goal.

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