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Taking the Workplace to the Next Level

After working with F5 to develop a workplace strategy and design their new Seattle HQ, F5 reached out again at the beginning of the pandemic to rethink how they use their space. After surveying over 4,000 people worldwide, and interviewing leaders across the organization, our team developed a series of profiles that defined virtual and hybrid options and allowed the F5 team to consolidate space and improve workplace utilization.


As Covid-19 changed the workplace standards for this global tech firm, recruitment, product innovation and customer service became even more important. Virtual visioning sessions with C-Suite, management and staff, combined with quantitative employee input, spawned innovative approaches to the current footprint as well as deeper collaboration both in-office and virtual.

To overcome isolation between 28 floors we created a continuous stairway that encouraged staff movement and connection. Insights of team roles and hybrid work styles informed how dedicated social workspaces helped to evolve a previous siloed culture.


Post-pandemic hybrid work models decreased the overall workplace footprint by 15%, and a clear change program road map allows F5 to roll out a consistent model globally.

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