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Daylight Analysis

Daylight is an essential quality in high-performance design. Meaningful analysis requires a high degree of detail and expertise. To help drive impactful decisions early on in a project that save costs and increase value, the Daylight Tool makes informed assessments to quickly and accurately study lighting conditions in interior spaces based on building location and shape, window sizes and sun protection.

What Neuroscience Research Tells Us

Reduces Stress

Daily access to sunlight lowers physical and mental stress levels. (Ulrich 2008)

Supports Innovation

Daylight in the workplace can promote higher creativity, reduce absenteeism and lower employee turnover. (Canadian Green Building Council 2016)

Improves Focus

The body slows melatonin after exposure to sunlight which increases alertness, leading to better performance. (Boyce 2010 15, Ulrich 2008 90)

Increases Satisfaction

Just three hours of daily sunlight exposure results in higher satisfaction at work (Ulrich 2008).

Fosters Patient Wellbeing

Patients in sunny hospital rooms have shorter stays and lower mortality rates than those in artificially lit rooms. (Ulrich 2008 91)

Boosts the Immune System

The circadian system, which is highly impacted by natural light, is a key player in regulating our immune

system, helping to maintain our health and combat many illnesses. (Bedrosian 2015 117, Edwards 2002 33)

Improves Sleep

Workers with greater daylight exposure slept an average of 46 minutes more per night. (Boubekri 2013)


Enhances Clarity

Enables clients and project teams to better understand the impact of different building elements before selection to save time and costs.

Reduces Energy

Can be used to explore optimal building placement and orientation to reduce energy needs.

Increases Daylight

Evaluates potential for natural light exposure to support users’ circadian rhythms throughout the day.

Streamlines Data

Simplifies the process for measuring the impacts of daylight, glare, and circadian lighting.

Maximizes Sustainability

Informs energy-reduction strategies to maximize building performance and stay on track to achieve

sustainable certification goals.

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