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Guiding the “Change” in Change Management

Moss Adams, a national professional services firm, engaged NBBJ to help four of their locations return to their pre-pandemic workspace. The new space uses their traditional legacy spaces in new ways and integrates their hoteling and seat sharing strategies as well as private offices. By preparing for and building ownership of an upcoming change, people are better prepared to embrace new ideas and reduce stress.


After eighteen change management “Lean Coffee Workshops” over four weeks with all five locations, we customized a Quick Start Guide tailored for each office. The guide is an easy how-to that helps Moss Adams staff understand the ideas behind the new ways of using space and provides practical suggestions for making a day at work easy.

What’s a Lean Coffee Workshop?

  • Introduces leaders to the new workplace strategy and engages them in a discussion of key messages.

  • Gives people a chance to air their concerns and questions and helps them own their day at work.

  • Establishes priorities of what areas of change need the most attention and support.

  • Informs change strategies and tools such as protocol conversations and workplace guides.


Workplace Culture Change: When people are getting ready to use space in a completely different way, change management—and the opportunity for people to process how they feel about the change—becomes even more important. By including leaders and staff in the conversations of crafting how to use an old workplace in a new way, adoption and acceptance are easier to achieve. Ultimately, change management helps staff intentionally design their day so they can create their best day at work.

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