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Right-Sized Strategies
- Where Data and the Built Environment Intersect.


We lead healthcare organizations and systems to make the right decision for the best patient and provider experience, and business outcomes.

What We Do


A customized, data-oriented approach defines the human, spatial and operational performance drivers to meet planning and business goals for healthcare organizations and systems.

Strategic Facilities Master Planning  


  • Strategic Planning 

  • Predictive Analytics 

  • Programming 

Operational Process Improvement 


  • User Experience Modeling 

  • Clinical and Ancillary Process Evaluation 

  • 3P (production, preparation, process) 

  • Post Occupancy Evaluation 

Operational Readiness 


  • Transition Planning Strategy  

  • Staff Training and Orientation 

  • Patient and Department Move Management 

  • Activation and Planning

Our Team



Atrium Health

Transitioning a Hospital into new Processes

We used our customized and highly interactive methods of stakeholder engagement...

Franciscan Health

Elevating and Expanding Access to Care

A non-profit, service-driven healthcare system, Franciscan Health needed to consolidate multiple oversized and outdated hospitals they had acquired. ..



Website Deliverables

We take advantage of every opportunity to make our processes nimble and more efficient, and our work easy to use and more accessible. An interactive web deliverable is an important part of this approach.


Spatial Simulation Modeling

Forecast how people will move through your floorplan with this simulation tool.


Scenario Master Plan Modeling

Study massing concepts in real time and informed by sustainability and performance data.



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