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Informed by Data Armed

with Insights

Our experts and integrated approach with the design teams enhance innovation at all points of the process bringing data and new insights to life.

Daylight Analysis

Maximize access to daylight while minimizing glare to improve occupant health, wellness and performance.

Inpatient Bed Demand Forecaster

Inpatient bed demand forecasting the easy way.

Interactive Space Management Dashboard

Smart space planning that combines data and visualization.

Location Analysis Platform

Find a successful location that's right for your organization.

Musical Chairs

Phasing design and visualization for even the most complex scenarios.

Parametric Programming Tool

Establishing future-state programming elements within budget.

Patient Room Calculator

Calculate patient room needs with a variety of dynamic inputs.

Rhythm of the Day

Craft your space around how the brain works to boost the mental performance, wellbeing and creativity of individuals and teams.

Scenario Master Plan Modeling

Study massing concepts in real time and informed by sustainability and performance data.

Spatial Simulation Modeling

Forecast how people will move through your floorplan with this simulation tool.

View Analysis

What people see has a large impact on their health, satisfaction and mental function.

Website Deliverables

We take advantage of every opportunity to make our processes nimble and more efficient, and our work easy to use and more accessible. An interactive web deliverable is an important part of this approach.

Zero Guide

Understand your project's carbon impact and key ways to reduce it.

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