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View Analysis

What people see has a large impact on their health, satisfaction and mental function. Maximizing and

enhancing views both inside and outside a building has multiple benefits to individuals, teams and organizations.

What Neuroscience Research Tells Us

Lowers Stress

Views of nature lower blood pressure, stress, anxiety and fatigue. (Ulrich 1991, Brown, Barton, Gladwell 2013)

Speeds Healing

Nature views can decrease the need for pain medication, reduce depression and shorten hospital stays. (Ulrich 1984)

Increases Movement

Locating stairs physically or visibly closer to a building’s main entrance increases occupants’ physical activity. Encouraging the use of stairs at work, if possible, can improve fitness and heart health. (Meyer 2010)

Improves Collaboration

Views of colleagues can increase serendipitous interactions that result from movement patterns

and visibility, making staff more easily available for impromptu conversations. (Heerwagen 2004)

Enhances Focus

Connections to the outdoors are linked to heightened concentration and better performance. (Wells 2000)

Reduces Turnover

Studies estimate staff turnover, absenteeism and decreased productivity cost businesses $200 billion

annually due to the opportunity cost of losing medical workforce. (Laursen 2018)


Provides Higher Value

Increases the value (or rentable value) of the project by maximizing access to views.

Aligns Goals

Illustrates big picture trends across an entire building’s floor to inform a building’s layout, and also analyzes details to visualize the results in 3d from any location.

Enhances Spaces

Enables clients at all stages of a project to quickly understand and visualize what can be seen from every space within the building.

Coordinates Schedules

Expedites LEED certification and ensures schedules are on target at all phases.

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