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Driving Success
with Clarity
& Innovation

Decision-making in this era of historical change is tenuous. Our multi-disciplinary experts apply data-driven and human-centric strategies to innovate and optimize the performance of businesses and the built environment. The result: clear decisions to move your business forward. 

Optimizing & Innovating for
People & Places

Innovation is central to achieving robust performance. And data visualization and customized methodologies realize new ideas and validate the “what if's” in the initial stages of planning and design. From research to strategy to planning and implementation, NBBJ Consulting enhances how people and buildings perform.

We are establishing future-state programming elements within budget.

Atrium Health

Transitioning a Hospital into new Processes

UC Davis Health

Doing More with Less


Inside Calculations of an Icon – Amazon Spheres

Vital Voices Global Partnership

Emotional Strategy in the Workplace


These projects showcase how our consulting services have helped organizations enhance their environments to increase productivity, promote employee satisfaction and well-being, and improve patient outcomes. The featured projects range from large-scale corporate headquarters to smaller medical clinics and hospitals. The showcase provides insights into the process behind each project, from initial design concepts to implementation and evaluation, highlighting the impact of their consulting services on the workplace and healthcare industry.



Clinical Advisor


One of the first nurses hired in the nation by an architecture firm leading systems and organizations through complex short- and long-term planning.



Workplace Consulting


Strategic leader defining workplace strategies for Fortune 500 companies with unique complex workforces and developing holistic workplace experiences.



Capital Strategy


Working with the C-Suite and design teams to future-proof financial capacity, performance, and investments.



Assoc. AIA

Healthcare Consulting


Andrea’s professional career in medicine started by providing continuing medical education accreditation and has developed as she works to define and forecast the future of healthcare.

Our Leaders

Nationally recognized leaders foster a culture of innovation, integration and entrepreneurship to create a national team of experts – positioning businesses for success.

What we do

NBBJ Consulting is a team of compassionate industry experts who thrive on problem-solving, leading people and buildings to perform at their highest.

Workplace  Consulting

The Best Workplace for Everyone

An immersive, people-centric approach aligns goals to drive workplace performance, culture, and mission. 

Healthcare Consulting

Where Data and Design Intersect

Clinicians, data analysts, and urban planners define strategies to right-size and ready healthcare organizations and systems. 

Capital Strategy

A Financially Healthy Future, Today

Financial viability and long-term asset performance to meet current and future needs.

Research & Analytics 
Facility Master Planning 
Capital Optimization
Transition Management
Sustainability & Performance 
Operational Improvement & Readiness 
Workplace Strategy 
Change Management 

Integrated Service Offerings

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