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Transitioning a Hospital into new Processes

Atrium Health, a long-time client, previously engaged NBBJ to design new standards that re-imagine and improve workflows and processes at their hospitals. To implement and operationalize these new standards in their Pineville hospital, Atrium engaged our transition team to oversee patient move planning, support employee training, and develop temporary wayfinding for patients navigating the new space. We used our customized and highly interactive methods of stakeholder engagement to ensure Atrium’s readiness for opening their new spaces. Further refinements to the system was made utilizing the 3P (production preparation, process) design process to define future state operations.


Emphasizing cross-disciplinary training, we integrated silo-based departments to create a connected system where communication and processes are improved through:

  • Creating 3P future-state operational plans.

  • Directing patient move planning, including mock-move exercises.

  • Facilitating employee training on new workflows/processes.

  • Testing different flows and creating wayfinding documents to help patients and their families navigate the new spaces.

  • Developing leadership teams, identifying key operational goals, prioritizing operational initiatives, and forming cross-functional transition teams.


Our transition process allowed for the successful implementation of their standards in the new space and allowed Atrium to achieve day-one efficiency and safety through:

  • Bringing together cross-functional teams to improve the entire facility and its operations.

  • Preparing staff for all changes, including developing operational processes, verification, and documentation of workflows to ensure that the building performs and is used as intended.

  • Clearly defining wayfinding from a patient perspective.

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