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Doing More with Less

NBBJ and UC Davis Health (UCDH) worked together to create an innovative solution for on-campus ambulatory care that would consolidate services and cut costs without compromising UCDH’s teaching mission or patient experience. Working closely with UCDH, we developed Universal Clinic modules that maximize flexibility, minimize non-clinical functions and increase revenue generation. Weighted evaluation informed a business case strategy with confidence for future campus planning.


Streamlined services resulted in decreasing care from three buildings into one. By improving exam room utilization, specifying new paradigms in faculty officing and designing universal exam modules the 12-year plan unleashed new opportunities for the other buildings. NBBJ also delivered the project data and plans in an interactive and dynamic and customized project website for client ease of use.


Approximately $150 million in construction and occupancy savings by consolidating services. Improving room utilization by 25% for all service lines within universally designed clinic modules.

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