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Website Deliverables

Typically, consulting work is delivered in the form of a report: a bound, printed book that can be several hundred pages and 100+ Mb in PDF format. These documents are hard to share and are never easily accessible when you really need them. ​ That's why we prefer to deliver your project in the form of an interactive, dedicated project website. This delivery method has many benefits: ​

  • Accessibility: your project is easy to access from any computer or mobile device. It is designed to be mobile-friendly and searchable.

  • Security: your project is hosted on a secure platform, with multiple options for password-protecting all - or specific parts - of the site.

  • Transparency: your project website is updated as the project progresses. This means users can keep up with development as it happens, offer feedback in online forums and message boards, and stay abreast of changes. This openness is an important way we build trust with your users.

  • Interaction: when your users can't make it to workshops and feedback sessions, they may feel out of the loop. With a website, we can extend in-person events to online forums, surveys, galleries, and custom-designed engagement activities. This extends the reach of the engagement process, resulting in a more robust project that is socialized throughout the process.


We take advantage of every opportunity to make our processes nimble and more efficient, and our work easy to use and more accessible. An interactive web deliverable is an important part of this approach. Below are examples of projects delivered with dedicated project websites. In each example, we have scrubbed all the client's identifying and proprietary information. (The 'BluePacific' client is a fictional client we use for marketing purposes only.)

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