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10 More Years Makes a Difference

We partnered with Franciscan Health — a non-profit, services-driven healthcare system — evaluate their buildings and target investments into departments and services that will have the greatest impact on care delivery and patient and staff safety. With a “reduce, reuse, and repair” lens, NBBJ conducted a thoughtful facilities evaluation with an emphasis on maximizing investment and maintaining quality care. Our assessment included newly acquired and existing facilities, as well as the option of a new green field hospital with the goal to recommend a facilities master plan.


To serve the residents of this county responsibly, we developed a strategy of targeted interventions to provide a safe and compliant care facility and gain 10 more years of useful service out of the existing facilities.


We empowered Franciscan Healthcare to be stewards of their aging facility while continuing to serve an impoverished community. Examples include:

  • Addressing the highest priority issues for safety and compliance.

  • Defining services relevant on campus and outsourcing those operationally inefficient.

  • Renovate and repurpose key spaces, saving time and budget.

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