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Realizing your experiences as planned

As healthcare planners and designers, we implement our transition and activation services with the "experience" lens, including patients, staff and community.

Our collective team of clinicians, Lean Six Sigma operational experts, healthcare planners, and move management specialists ensure your plan and approach is truly developed from a multi-faceted point of view so not one element goes untouched.

Strategy & Operational Readiness

  • Develop Project Goals and an Achievable Transition Strategy

  • Build strategic workgroups and meeting schedules that support your team competencies and availability

  • Identify operational improvements and workflow processes to support new ways of working

  • Collaborate with internal IT/IS teams to Ensure Technology Readiness

Staff Training and Orientation

  • Establish Learning Objectives and Create Education and Training Schedule

  • Develop External and Internal Communication Plan

  • Create Learning Collateral for new and existing staff

  • Conduct Immersion Activities / Simulations/ Day in the Life

Building Loading & Move Planning

  • Develop Detailed Move Plan and Building Loading Schedule

  • Support and Guide Move Coordination and Implementation

  • Licensing and Regulatory Support

  • Ongoing Issues Management and Resolution

Implementation & Go-Live

  • Opening day and PR Events

  • Commence and execute departmental moves

  • Establish Command Center

  • Post-Occupancy Management Plan

What we do




Project Manager




Clinician, Transition Planner




Clinician, Transition Planner, Operational Improvement Specialist




Clinician, Transition Planner, Behavioral Health Specialist




Healthcare Strategy Director

Key Transition Leaders


These projects showcase how our consulting services have helped organizations enhance their environments to increase productivity, promote employee satisfaction and well-being, and improve patient outcomes. The featured projects range from large-scale corporate headquarters to smaller medical clinics and hospitals. The showcase provides insights into the process behind each project, from initial design concepts to implementation and evaluation, highlighting the impact of their consulting services on the workplace and healthcare industry.

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Change is Good

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Keeping on Time and on Budget

Atrium Health

Transitioning a Hospital into new Processes

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