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Change is Good

In 2012, Superstorm Sandy flooded Coney Island Hospital, forcing a complete evacuation and permanent closure of the facility. The new Ruth Bader Ginsburg Replacement Hospital, designed by NBBJ, is a resilient 11-story safety net facility where the hospital staff is as diverse as the patients they serve - over 130 languages spoken in a during a single day. For this public teaching hospital, the care environment in the brand new tower is vastly different, resulting in a huge cultural and operational change for staff. 


NBBJ's transition team guided staff and providers through this massive shift, transforming experiences. We partnered with hospital and system leadership to guide teams in an interactive, step-by-step process to better visualize, define, and activate their future state.


We safely moved 180 patients and successfully trained more than 2,000 staff members into this new state of the art hospital that will delivery high quality care and "Excellence for All."

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