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Crafting a Vision for Lifelong Learning

This confidential airline’s Cultural Learning Center (CLC) will be the heart of their new campus, reinforcing a vision of connection while creating a place of learning and cultural immersion. This client’s training programs not only ensure safety on the ground and in the skies, but also immerse employees in the firm’s mission and grow the next generation of leaders. The learning center will help employees understand their connection to the brand and provide innovative ways to engage and imbue a sense of mastery of their role, as well as ownership to the company’s greater purpose. Through a visioning session with department leaders, we helped define the vision and purpose for the center and quantify the classroom and hospitality needs


This airline has long handled training in silos: pilots, flight attendants, gate agents and corporate roles, and struggled to craft a complete picture of their training programs. Our Workplace Consulting team and data visualization experts analyzed the training needs, training frequency data, and space requirements and presented a clear path to schedule all training in a holistic manner.


A customized digital calendar was powerful and purposeful—a groundbreaking tool for the client. Never before had they been able to see training and class needs integrated in this manner that allows them to accurately plan and forecast training volumes company-wide.

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