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Setting a High Bar for Zero Carbon Campus

Reaching carbon negative by 2030 meant Microsoft needed to eliminate all fossil fuels from its new campus. NBBJ Design Performance collaborated with Microsoft and sustainable design and construction leaders from the four other village design and construction teams to develop and guide implementation of campus-wide sustainability strategy and coordinate requirements throughout the design process within our NBBJ design team. Achievements are wide-ranging, from materials selected for transparency and reduced impact to all-electric commercial kitchens using induction technology. We provided analysis for daylighting and views, as well as Life Cycle Analysis and embodied carbon analysis, and led NBBJ’s team in designing and documenting for ILFI Zero Carbon and LEED Platinum certifications.


NBBJ took part as pilot users in developing a powerful industry tool, Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3), supported by Microsoft. EC3 has become a significant game-changer in the quest for lower embodied carbon buildings.


The all-electric campus will be ILFI Zero Carbon certified, as well as Salmon Safe and LEED Platinum, setting the bar for all of Microsoft’s future buildings.

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