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Our Team Conducted Feasibility Studies of Each Site

This confidential client enlisted NBBJ to complete master plan services for a targeted network of sites. Our comprehensive team of strategic planners, clinicians, and architects conducted feasibility studies of each site to understand market opportunities, capacity constraints, and design potential to inform regional capital recommendations. Innovation

At NBBJ we believe multi-disciplinary teams strengthen solutions and provide clients with confidence in the strategic solution. The collaboration of experts was key to developing a holistic understanding of the complex network of sites, as well as making timely decisions. In real-time, we effectively tested strategic market directions, capacity projections, capital needs and design feasibility.


With a 10-year $1.4 billion capital baseline need identified, NBBJ’s planning team identified a 40% decrease in initial capital outlay by maximizing network capacity while mitigating unnecessary infrastructure and excessive phasing.

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