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Teri Joins the School of Nursing Advisory Board at the University of Washington!

We are pleased to share the good news that the School of Nursing welcomes Teri Oelrich as a new member of their Advisory Board!

Teri Oelrich’s career in healthcare started as a caregiver in orthopedics and oncology then transformed into working for NBBJ. She has been part of consulting and design teams helping communities and healthcare providers identify their needs and realize their visions for providing efficient, healing, and functional healthcare space. Her career has included facility utilization planning, financial feasibility and cost analysis, operations analysis, and functional planning as well as facility design with HMOs, universities, hospitals, and freestanding clinics.

Teri is a partner with NBBJ and leads the company’s Healthcare Analytics and Consulting group. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UW and has a clinical background in nursing. She also holds an MBA, and coupled with her operational knowledge, she brings a valuable mix of clinical and business acumen to healthcare projects.

Congratulations, Teri!

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