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Innovations in Clinic Design December Webinar: In-Car Care Concept (Join us this Thursday!)


Ryan Hullinger, Healthcare Architect

Teri Oelrich, Healthcare Clinician

The in-car care concept is one of NBBJ Design’s current R&D efforts; developed to help healthcare clients respond to the immediate and long-term societal changes of the COVID era. This in-car health platform considers new possibilities for the architecture and design of primary care, and combines the convenience of telehealth with the face-to-face interaction of a traditional clinic visit.

  • Understand what is driving an alternative form of ambulatory care

  • Identify the potential ambulatory visits that are appropriate to this healthcare delivery model and design

  • Consider potential locations and design layouts for this new model of care

  • Examine the order of magnitude cost comparisons for conversion of parking to ambulatory clinics

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

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