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Today’s Realities, Tomorrow’s Potential


Given the changing legislative, regulatory, and payment environment, many organizations are taking a second look at their real estate. Some are forgoing new buildings in favor of renovation and reuse, others are addressing unanticipated surges in bed needs. It is no longer enough to review a campus or facility master plan once every 10 years and call it a day — in today’s highly fluid environment, healthcare executives must align physical assets and operational imperatives more frequently with strategies for growth and strategic positioning.


This requires master planning tools that incorporate dynamic, data-rich modeling and scenario testing to respond to rapidly changing conditions. NBBJ’s Master Planning team brings together consultants in healthcare planning, urban planning, policy and strategy with advanced data analysts and visualization experts, in order to provide plans that are both immediately usable and continuously adaptable.

Change Managment

Vision and Messaging

Gap Analysis

Change Strategies

Change Program Road Map

Feasibility Studies

We can address the planning needs of greenfield sites to develop new markets, new construction to realign missions on existing campuses along with complex enabling and backfill strategies, or any combination.

Operational Process Improvement

User Experience Modeling

Clinical and Ancillary Process Evaluation

3P (production preparation, process)

Post Occupancy Evaluation

Pro Forma
Business Case Dev

Scenario modeling

Comprehensive cash flow analysis

Future-proofing and risk assessment

Real Estate Strategy

Utilization Audit and Analysis

Workplace Metrics and Efficiencies

Utilization and Occupancy Targets

Site Planning

We address the detailed aspects of site analysis and planning efforts to evaluate and identify the right environment and land facility options to match with our clients’ strategy and programs.


Our experts will conduct a visioning session where we will focus on what is unique to your organization, your people and your needs for your future workplace. Through this we will establish both aspirational and practical goals that will allow us to establish context, identify specific aspirations, and build consensus.

Cost Modeling

Life cycle cost analysis

Operational assessment

Capital development cost estimation and phasing

High-Performance Design

Human performance

Energy master planning

Performance-driven design analytics

Façade design

Operational Readiness

Transition Planning Strategy

Staff Training and Orientation

Patient and Department Move Management

Activation and Planning

Project Vision and Strategy

Government and global requirements

Resilience Consulting

Material Consulting

Regulatory and Esg Compliance

Revenue Optimization

Market share positioning and strategy

Operational enhancements and capacity deployment

Recruitment and growth

Space Programming

Our comprehensive approach to space programming brings together operational, functional, and physical needs to support our clients’ care delivery and mission. This often starts with “right-sizing” and includes identifying issues and then accommodating projected future growth by providing the right amount of space to be highly efficient.

Workplace Strategy

Interactive Visioning

Workplace Experience Evaluation

Programming and Strategy

Facility Assessment

Facility assessments integrate the physical, operational, and financial aspects of a project. And whether you’re planning and designing a small department, a single service line, an entire campus, or a multi-regional system, our solutions scale to the scope and focus of your project.

Needs Assessment

Our approach involves a thorough review and assessment of your service lines including a critical review of data and comprehensive discussions with service line leaders. We couple this to service line forecasts to determine what is needed going forward.

Population Health Planning

Knowing who your patients are, where they live, and where they get care is the first step in determining a population health strategy. We use ArcGIS, design computation tools, and Lean tools to understand your organization’s patients and predict where they might best be served.

Rapid Planner

Faster Facility Planning for the New and Not-So Normal Times.

To effectively guide your key clinical capacity needs, NBBJ consulting offers an 8-10 week advanced strategic planning effort.  Our NBBJ Rapid Planner process is a sprint effort to prioritize your facility and operational needs.  The new normal requires innovative and accelerated planning!

Service Line Optimization

We are able to uncover many opportunities to eliminate variation in service lines and significantly improve cost per case. Incorporating Lean methodologies represents one approach to identify and eliminate wasteful, non-value-added components in a work process and improve overall operational efficiencies.

Strategic Facilities Master Planning

Strategic Planning

Predictive Analytics


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