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GeoDesign Summit 2020 | Redlands, CA

Melissa Alexander and I recently had the opportunity to attend the GeoDesign Summit in Redlands, California. The summit was themed “Seeing clearly in 2020” with a focus on making smarter decisions for our planet. We joined thought leaders, innovators, and other visionaries to see firsthand how they are leveraging GeoDesign and technology to confront challenges head-on and plan for our future.

We attended a variety of sessions over 3 days on topics ranging from homelessness in L.A to water scarcity in the Middle East. ESRI develops a wide variety of applications common to planners, urban designers, and others working at various scales of design. This year, we were excited to learn how ESRI has been focusing on integration with common AEC software like Revit, Infraworks, and Adobe. Over the next few months, we will take what we learned and focus on piloting these new tools with our own ESRI software. Stay tuned for a future BDIR or TechFriday where you can learn more.

“The global crises of our time includes climate change; resource scarcity; massive migrations of our planet's inhabitants; and the challenges being faced by our local communities—strained infrastructural resources, economic exclusionism, and marginalized environmental quality. These cannot be solved with the same mind-set we had when we discovered them. Leveraging new understandings, approaches, and technologies will be essential in formulating a clear vision for turning the tide on these challenges and working toward a more vibrant future.”

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