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Below you will find a sample of tools and blog articles that our team has created in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Let us know if we can tailor them to your needs.

COVID-19 Inpatient Bed Demand Calculator

Disclaimer: This tool is designed to help you evaluate bed need during this critical time and is not to be used for all your inpatient bed planning needs as the parameters are general in nature and may not reflect actual site specific cases.

During this challenging time, NBBJ has developed this Covid-19 Inpatient Bed Demand Calculator to assist our clients in understanding the following implications of

Covid-19 hospitalizations:


  • Determine acute and critical care bed need
    given the rise of Covid-19 hospitalizations

  • Study the impact of elective admission
    deferrals to alleviate bed need in favor of
    Covid-19 hospitalizations

  • Quantify alternative types of required
    bed capacity


This model is conceptual in nature and designed to be easy-to-use for hospital leadership to quickly understand and test such Covid-19 implications. As new developments are being released hour by hour, we will continue updating this model with the newest information.


We understand the complexity of hospital operations and that your specific scenario may require additional support and/or customization of this calculator. If so, we are here to help through our NBBJ foundation.

COVID-19 Blog Articles

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