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Below you will find a sample of tools and blog articles that our team has created in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Let us know if we can tailor any of these tools your specific needs.

NYC Region Hospital Bed Count & COVID-19 Impact Tool

Using state data, NBBJ has created a COVID-19 Hospital Impact Dashboard for the New York City region.  We believe this information will assist hospitals and health systems as they plan for future hospital bed demand surges and potential sharing opportunities.  Some important insights illustrated:

  • The deficit of Intensive Care Beds (ICU) relative to total beds for patients by hospital

  • The deficit for total beds for patients by hospital 

Although this tool highlights the previous bed deficit for many New York City hospitals and can help understand gaps and deficits for future planning, it is important to acknowledge that many factors outside of bed supply will impact future hospitalization surges.


Definitions and Assumptions:

Dates of Study = 3/26/2020 to 11/4/2020


New York City Region = The following counties: Bronx, Kings, New York, Richmond, Queens


Hospital Bed Count = Licensed beds by type


Total Beds = Intensive Care + Coronary Care + Medical/Surgical Beds


COVID-19 Total Hospitalizations = Number of total COVID-19 patients in hospital bed per day


COVID-19 ICU Hospitalizations = Number of COVID-19 patients in hospital ICU bed per day

Not Included In The Analysis:

  • Temporary hospital COVID-19 hospitalizations (ie USNS Comfort, Billie Jean King Hospital)

  • Specialized hospital beds by type (ie NICU, BMT, Burn Unit)

  • Any surge beds added or re-purposed for COVID-19 patients (cafeteria space, etc.)



Bed Count Source: New York State Department of Health. (2020). Health Facility Certification Information [Data file]. Retrieved from


COVID-19 Hospitalization Source: New York Forward. (2020). Daily Hospitalization Summary by Region [Data file]. Retrieved from

Telehealth Planning Tool

CMS reimbursement policies for Telehealth visits are evolving as social distancing requirements extend throughout the summer and into the fall: payment parity and expanded coverage are now widely available. Our goal in developing this tool is to help clinics and health systems plan and understand the implications of Telehealth expansion - a lower cost strategy to support cash flow now and into the future.

  • Page 1 provides a high level overview of growth implications and capacity needs comparing status quo exam room utilization vs. alternative scenario with Telehealth integration.


  • Page 2 tests the spatial and financial implications of the chosen Telehealth scenario on a per visit basis.


Below is a brief voiceover video introduction of the tool: be sure to turn the sound on. To use the tool yourself, click here​. To read more about Telehealth reimbursement policies, click here.

COVID-19 Inpatient Bed Demand Calculator

During this challenging time, NBBJ has developed this Covid-19 Inpatient Bed Demand Calculator to assist our clients in understanding the following implications of

Covid-19 hospitalizations:

  • Determine acute and critical care bed need
    given the rise of Covid-19 hospitalizations

  • Study the impact of elective admission
    deferrals to alleviate bed need in favor of
    Covid-19 hospitalizations

  • Quantify alternative types of required
    bed capacity

This model is conceptual in nature and designed to be easy-to-use for hospital leadership to quickly understand and test such Covid-19 implications. As new developments are being released hour by hour, we will continue updating this model with the newest information.

We understand the complexity of hospital operations and that your specific scenario may require additional support and/or customization of this calculator. If so, we are here to help through our NBBJ foundation.

Disclaimer: This tool is designed to help you evaluate bed need during this critical time and is not to be used for all your inpatient bed planning needs as the parameters are general in nature and may not reflect actual site specific cases.

COVID-19 Blog Articles

Our consulting studio has been busy writing blog posts related to Covid-19 and tips for working from home. Enjoy these brief articles below.

Other Resources

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NBBJ Designing for Healthcare & Safety Post-COVID-19

Our firm has been working with several clients on a process to get them back to business as quickly and as safely as possible. This document includes several white papers and blog posts that outline potential solutions that we are seeing not just in healthcare, but also incorporate and commercial projects. One of the fastest ways to adjust with a small amount of effort with a big impact is with the entrances, lobbies, and waiting areas. As always, our teams will work with you to develop the best possible design interventions to achieve your intended outcome, keep your facility safe, and adapt to future changes.


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